Result bet

A result bet is a bet placed on the precise outcome of a sporting event. Unless otherwise indicated, the score after regular time is taken as the result. The bet wins if the result of the sporting event matches the pick.

NB: This type of bet can also be limited to the 1st or 2nd half only, in which case the bet will be assessed on the basis of the result in the half selected.

Example: Bets are taken on the exact result of a football match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. A score of 3-1 for FC Barcelona is selected as the exact result. The bet is won if Barcelona wins the match 3-1.

Example (2nd half result bet): A 2nd half result bet is placed on the match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, picking a result of 1-1. The match ends 3-1 with a half-time result of 2-0 for Barcelona. The bet is considered won since both teams score a goal in the second half, making the 2nd half result 1-1. The goals from the 1st half are not factored into the evaluation of the bet on the 2nd half. Only the goals scored in the 2nd half count.