[LIVE] Next goal / next point (team)

For the “Next goal / next point” bet, a bet is placed on which of the two teams will score the next goal or next point. This bet can therefore apply to one part of a match, regular time, regular time including extra time, only extra time, only the penalty shoot-out or a predefined period. It is therefore important to note which period the bet applies to.

Example: During the football match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona with a current score of 2:2, a bet can be placed as to whether Madrid (1) or Barcelona (2) will score the next goal or whether no more goals (X) will be scored during the match. If the match ends 2:2, the bet predicting “X” wins. If Madrid wins 3:2, the bet predicting “1” wins. If Barcelona wins 2:3, the bet predicting “2” is correct.

TIP: This bet type is exclusively available for football, ice hockey, and American football.