Draw no bet

“Draw no bet” is a 3-way bet converted into a 2-way bet. Of the original three conceivable match outcomes (1 = home win, X = draw and 2 = away win), a draw (X) is eliminated under this bet. This produces a 2-way bet with only two possible results: home win (1) or away win (2).

However, if the match ends in a draw, the stake will be refunded.

NB: This type of bet is also offered as “home win no bet” and “away win no bet”. The principle remains the same. All that changes are the possible outcomes and the particular outcome which is eliminated and may trigger a refund if it should occur.

Example: Bets are taken on the outcome of a football match between FC Aarau and Servette FC. Bets can be placed on a home win for Aarau (1) or an away win for Servette (2). Bets cannot be placed on a draw since that option was eliminated.

The match ends in a 3-3 draw. Since this outcome was not one of the options available under the bet, the stake is refunded.