Head-to-head bet (duel)

A head-to-head bet (duel) is a bet on which of two rivals will achieve the better result (on a direct comparison by points, goals, placing or time) at the end of the sporting event. The bet is therefore based exclusively on the results of the two rivals selected.


Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton wins the head to head against Max Verstappen if he crosses the line before Verstappen. If neither driver crosses the line, the winner is the driver who exits last or in a later lap. If both drivers exit in the same lap, the bet is declared void.

Alpine skiing: The winner is the competitor with the best ranking at the end of the event. If both competitors exit in the second race, the winner is the competitor who was better ranked in the official ranking for the first race. The bet is declared void if both competitors exit in the first race or if either of the two competitors fails to compete.