[LIVE] Rest of the match

The “Rest of the match” bet type is an extended form of the 3-way bet which is exclusively available for live bets. The extension lies in the determination of the winner for the match time remaining as of the time the bet was placed. The goals/points scored up to that point are not included when evaluating the bet, which is assumed to be an imaginary 0:0.

Example: A bet is placed on Tottenham as the winner of the rest of the match for the Tottenham Hotspur vs. Liverpool FC match. At the point in time at which the bet is placed in the 72nd minute of game time, the score is 0:2 to Liverpool. The match ends 2:3 to Liverpool. As the bet was placed while the match score was 0:2, the result for the rest of the match is 2:1 to Tottenham (2:3 – 0:2 = 2:1). So, the prediction that Tottenham would win the rest of the match (with a score of 0:2) is therefore correct. The bet is won.

TIP: This bet type is exclusively available for football, ice hockey, baseball and rugby.