Handicap bet (European)

The European handicap bet is an extended form of the 3-way bet where one team is given an imaginary whole number handicap (either positive or negative) which is chosen from a default selection (e.g. in the form of goals, points, etc.).

The handicap is added onto or subtracted from the regular time result of the actual event. This means that the official result plus or minus the imaginary handicap are needed to evaluate the bet.

NB: Since the handicap varies depending on the event and may be configured in several different ways, the number indicated in the betting programme applies.

Example: Bets are taken on the match between Juventus Turin and SSC Napoli with a handicap of -1 (minus 1). The handicap always applies to the first-named team. This gives Juventus Turin an imaginary negative handicap of one goal. The match ends 2-1 for Juventus Turin. Because of the negative handicap one goal has to be deducted from Juventus Turin at the end of the game.

The result including the handicap of -1 is 1-1 (2-1 – 1-0 = 1-1)

The bet is won if it was on prediction X (draw).