A brief guide to EuroMillions

EuroMillions. It couldn't be easier. The following video shows you how it works.

EuroMillions is a classic lottery. It has been available in Switzerland since 2 October 2004. Besides Switzerland, it is also played in the founding countries the UK, France and Spain as well as in Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg. On Tuesday and Friday, 5 winning numbers from 1 to 50 and two stars from 1 to 12 are drawn. The object of EuroMillions is to correctly pick as many winning numbers as possible. The more numbers and stars you pick correctly, the higher your winnings. If you choose all the correct numbers and stars in one pick, you win the jackpot.

The additional 2nd Chance draw is open exclusively to players in Switzerland. Every EuroMillions pick is automatically entered with the same five numbers in a second prize draw. Immediately after the EuroMillions draw, another five winning numbers from 1 to 50 are selected in the 2nd Chance draw. At least three correct numbers are needed to win a prize. The stars chosen for a EuroMillions pick are not relevant for the 2nd Chance draw.

To be able to play EuroMillions on swisslos.ch, you must:

  • be at least eighteen years of age,
  • be resident in German-speaking Switzerland or Ticino,
  • be registered with swisslos.ch (Register now) and
  • have a balance of at least CHF 3.50 (the minimum stake) in your account.

EuroMillions prize draws take place on Tuesday and Friday near Paris. A recording of the latest draw of winning EuroMillions numbers is available.

And this is what you can win:


prize category

number of correct numbers

number of correct stars

average expected winnings
2.51CHF 400'000.-
3.50CHF 50'000.-
4.42CHF 5'000.-
5.41CHF 250.-
6.32CHF 150.-
7.40CHF 90.-
8.22CHF 30.-
9.31CHF 21.-
10.30CHF 18.-
11.12CHF 15.-
12.21CHF 12.-
13.20CHF 7.-

2nd Chance

prize category

number of correct numbers
average expected winnings
1.5CHF 150'000.-
2.4CHF 700.-*
3.3CHF 25.-
* maximal winning CHF 950.-  

Terms and Rules

The Terms and Rulescontain everything you need to know when playing EuroMillions.