How to keep your gaming behaviour in check

To ensure that the game remains a game, we offer you an opportunity on to block yourself for one, several or all games. In addition, some games are subject to mandatory limits. Our brochure with an integrated diary can help you to keep your gaming behaviour in check.

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Limits help you keep your game budget under control at all times.

For Clix, Bingo, Jass, Sporttip and Goooal loss limits are mandatory (for 1 day, 7 days or 30 days) and you must set these yourself prior to the first time you play these games. The limits apply to the net loss (i.e. stakes minus prizes paid out to your game account). The maximum upper limit for Clix, Bingo and Goooal is CHF 2,000, for Jass CHF 900 and for Sporttip CHF 9’999. You will also receive a message when you are about to reach your personal limits.

You can also choose to set a pay-in limit. This limit will prevent you from paying in – over a period of the past 30 days – amounts in excess of the limit you have stipulated.

Limits can be reduced at any time. Increases are subject to a waiting period of 72 hours.

You can set up a limit in your account in the «Limits & blocking» section.


Self-imposed blocking

You can take a break from playing and make use of the self-exclusion option to block yourself for one, several or all games. You specify how long you want the break to be (minimum one day, maximum 180 days).

You can set up a self-imposed block in your account in the «Limits & blocking» section.

Statutory exclusion

You can also request that we put in place for you a block pursuant to Article 80 of the Gambling Act. This block will cover our online games as well as casino games.

Please call us on 0800 713 713 or contact us at

Further information on gaming blocks can be found in this leaflet.

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Information on the risks of gambling

What is gambling addiction, how do you recognize it and what can you do about it?

The brochure on player protection contains valuable tips for you and your family, a self-test and a personal gambling diary. You can discuss the diary with an expert. For information call 0800 713 713.

The brochure on player protection can be downloaded as a PDF.