Tips for worry-free playing

Playing should not be associated with hardship, but with enjoyment, fun and responsibility.

Frau und Mann sitzen sich gegenüber. Une femme et un homme assis face à face. Una donna e un uomo sono seduti una di fronte all'altro.

  • Fun: Gambling is not a substitute for gainful employment! Play for fun and engage in other leisure pursuits as well.
  • Time: Decide yourself how often you wish to gamble. Before a game, set yourself a time limit.
  • Money: Do not gamble more money than you can afford. Never attempt to make up a loss by playing another game. Do not borrow money to be able to play.
  • Stress: Never play when you are feeling stressed or depressed.
  • Overview: Keep your playing habits under control. Regularly monitor whether you are playing longer or gambling more money than before.

Make use of the gambling diary in the brochure!