Key figures

In the 2018 business year, Swisslos generated a gross gaming revenue of 555 million francs.

net profit to be distributed 372 Mio CHF380 Mio CHF
from the lottery business 265 Mio CHF280 Mio CHF
from the instant ticket business 106 Mio CHF96 Mio CHF
from the sports betting business 1 Mio CHF4 Mio CHF
to the cantonal funds 332 Mio CHF339 Mio CHF
to the STA* for the SOA**, Swiss football, ice hockey and Sporthilfe 40 Mio CHF41 Mio CHF
Gross gaming revenue (GGR)*** 555 Mio CHF553 Mio CHF
of which GGR from lotteries 366 Mio CHF375 Mio CHF
of which GGR from instant tickets 167 Mio CHF157 Mio CHF
of which GGR from sports bets 21 Mio CHF20 Mio CHF
of which GGR from games of skill 1 Mio CHF1 Mio CHF
Number of employees 213 212
of which are part-time 7680
* Sport-Toto Association
** Swiss Olympic Association
*** The gross gaming revenue (GGR) is the difference between the stakes and the prizes paid out to the players