The Board of Directors and the Cooperative Administration are made up of current and former members of cantonal government who are delegated by the governments. The government representatives' service to the Department varies from canton to canton. The Board of Directors is part of the Cooperative Assembly.

Geschäftsleitung 2018
Roland Wiedmer, Marc Monnier, Laura Grüter Bachmann, Dr. Roger Fasnacht, Willy Mesmer, Daniel Luder, Rolf Kunz
Cooperative Assembly
The Assembly comprises one government official from each German-speaking Swiss canton and the Canton of Ticino.
Board of Directors
Council of State Josef Dittli, UR, President / former Council of State Paul Niederberger, NW, Vice President / former Government Council Hans-Jürg Käser, BE / former Government Council Bernhard Koch, TG / Government Council Paul Signer, AR / Government Council Ernst Stocker, ZH
Dr. Roger Fasnacht, Director
Marketing & Distribution:
Rolf Kunz, stv. Direktor
Daniel Luder
Marc Monnier
Competitions & Operations:
Willy Mesmer
Finance & Services:
Roland Wiedmer
Compliance & PR
Laura Grüter Bachmann