Changes from 2019

The new Gambling Act is in force.

Swisslos and its activities are based on various pieces of underlying legislation. A key element of this is the new Gambling Act, which came into force on 1 January 2019. The supervisory authority is the intercantonal Lottery and Betting Commission (Comlot).

The most important changes in brief

More attractive plays possible

Swisslos will be able to propose more attractive sports bets.

  • Which team will score the next goal?
  • How many goals will be scored before the final whistle?

Swisslos will be expanding its range of sports bets to include such “live bets” (i.e., bets that can also be placed after a match has started). Preparations are underway to make this possible, with the online launch expected in mid-2019. Sports bets will thus become even more exciting and dynamic. Measures aimed at combating betting fraud are also enshrined in the new Act.

More rigorous measures to protect players

Swisslos has, in the past, already implemented measures to prevent excessive gambling. These measures include information for players, early warning systems for identifying vulnerable players and regular training courses for those staff members in charge of implementing the social concept (see “Social concept”). What is new is that Swisslos is now obliged to put such measures in place by law.

Effective immediately, a minimum age of 18 years will apply for all Swisslos products – regardless of whether the player is playing online or via a sales outlet.

Likewise from now on, we will be required to block any online players who satisfy specific criteria in respect of financial or gambling addiction issues. We share data on blocked persons with the casinos. Now, persons who have been excluded from casinos will also be blocked with Swisslos, and vice versa.

Less taxation

Winnings of up to 1,000,000 Swiss francs are tax free from 1 January 2019! Only amounts in excess of this figure will be taxed in the normal way. This means:

  • Winnings of CHF 1,000,000: no withholding or income tax due
  • Winnings of CHF 1,050,000:
    • CHF 1,000,000 of this amount is exempt from withholding or income tax
    • remaining CHF 50,000: withholding and income tax due

Swisslos now subject to anti-money laundering provisions

Various precautionary and additional clarification measures need to be carried out and documented on the basis of anti-money laundering requirements.