Combination bet

Under a combination bet, the predictions of up to 10 events are linked to form one individual bet. If the combined predictions correspond with the results, the bet is won.

The predictions must relate to different events. Combined predictions for the same event (e.g. a particular ice hockey match) are not permitted.

Calculation of winnings: The potential winnings are calculated in two steps:

1. Overall odds: Multiply all individual odds.

2. Potential winnings: Multiply the stake by the overall odds.

Example: A bet is placed on the outcome of three football matches.

• FC Sion vs FC Lucerne: Win for FC Sion (odds of 2.2)

• FC Lugano vs FC St. Gallen: Draw (odds of 3.2)

• FC Thun vs FC Zurich: Win for FC Zurich (odds of 1.8)

1. Overall odds: 2.2 x 3.2 x 1.8 = 12.672.

2. If all three predictions are correct, a stake of CHF 10 produces winnings of: CHF 10 x 12.672 = CHF 126.70.