Bank pick

Bank picks can only be made under system bets. A bank pick is a pick made individually by the customer in the belief that it will definitely be correct – i.e. a so-called bank.

If a customer is convinced that a particular pick under a system bet will be correct, they can define it as a bank pick on the betting slip.

The selected bank pick reduces the system bet by one pick.

For example, if the 2 out of 5 system was selected and one pick was defined as a bank pick, this makes it a 2 out of 4 bet because the “bank” was taken out of the system bet.

To win, the bank pick must be correct and the criterion of the corresponding system bet fulfilled. If the bank pick is wrong, the bet counts as lost, regardless of whether the rest of the bet is correct.

If the bank pick is correct but the criterion of the corresponding system bet is not fulfilled, the bet also counts as lost.

Example: A 3 out of 5 system bet involving 5 predictions:

• Win for FC Thun (odds of 2.3)

• Win for FC Sion (odds of 1.8)

• Win for Xamax (odds of 2.5)

• Win for FC Basel (odds of 1.8)

• Win for FC Zurich (odds of 1.7).

10 combination bets each made up of 3 predictions are generated.

“Win for FC Basel” is selected as bank pick since it seems certain to be correct.

The bank pick changes the system bet into a 3 out of 4 system bet with 1 bank.

The bet wins if the bank pick and 3 out of the 4 predictions are correct (if fewer than 3 predictions are correct or if the bank pick is wrong, the entire bet counts as lost).

The amount of the winnings on a system bet depends on the number of correct predictions and their odds multiplied by the stake.

NB: When a bet is placed, the betting slip must always show the maximum potential winnings. All predictions need to be correct to hit the maximum.

The bet combinations generated by the system as well as the corresponding potential winnings can be seen by clicking the link marked “Details” on the betting slip.