Odds express the probability of a prediction being correct, and as such, the values can be between 1.00 and infinity. The following applies:

• The lower the odds, the more likely a prediction will prove correct. Favourites are given lower odds.

• The higher the odds, the more unlikely a prediction will turn out to be true. Outsiders attract higher odds.

Odds can change at any time because they are influenced by a lot of factors, such as new circumstances (injury of a key player), previous results (champions odds in a football league) or high stakes placed on a particular prediction.

If odds have increased or decreased, the prediction will be marked in colour. The following applies:

• Green = odds have increased

• Red = odds have decreased

The odds given at the time that the bet was concluded constitute the deciding factor for a bet. Any changes to odds after bets have been placed will not be used to evaluate the bet.