Stake limits

Minimum and maximum stakes are defined for Sporttip. If a set limit is not met or is exceeded, the bet will not be accepted and a Gaming Contract is not concluded.

The minimum stake for a single, combination or system bet (per bet) is CHF 1.00

The maximum stake for single and combination bets is CHF 1,000.00. The maximum stake for a system bet is CHF 10,000.00.

Limits on winnings

There are no limits on winnings defined for Sporttip. However, beyond a certain financial risk that would be created as a result of a payout, Sporttip is obliged to reject newly placed bets on a specific match, race or tournament.

TIP: Wins of over CHF 1,000,000 are subject to withholding tax. With system bets, wins are calculated per single bet.

Furthermore, wins of CHF 1,000 or more are subject to checks. If the bet has been made at a sales outlet, the ticket must be presented to Swisslos for checking. The check can take a few days.