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Playing time & response time

On, playing time consists of two elements: a time in which to make a move and a reserve time. The time in which to make a move indicates how much time you have available for choosing a trump, making a declaration or playing a card. If, at any particular point, you require more time, you have available to you a set reserve time for the match as a whole. If all the reserve time has been used up, the computer makes the move for the player.

To guarantee a smooth, tailored match experience, on you can now choose between three playing speeds – fast, medium and slow, symbolized by a hare, a turtle and a snail. When you open a table, you select the speed at which you want to play. In the fastest option, the time you have in which to make your move is limited to 10 seconds. In the medium option, you have 15 seconds, and in the slowest option you have 20 seconds. Regardless of the time in which you make your move, you still have available to you your reserve time per match.