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Chat rules

All chat users should feel at ease in the chat rooms and have as much fun as you. For this reason, Swisslos places great importance on "chatiquette" or chat rules.

The chat history will be reviewed by a chat master on the following day. Participants whose posts breach the chat rules below will be temporarily blocked from the chat. In the event of recurrence, the length of a chat block can be increased, or the participant can even be excluded from the chat permanently.

Make sure your nickname does not contain any puns that may offend other players. Nicknames such as HOST, ADMIN and MODERATOR are not allowed.

Permitted languages
English, German, French and Italian are permitted in the chat rooms. Chat users who communicate in any other language risk being blocked. In the chat world, writing in CAPITALS represents shouting and may therefore annoy other players. Please refrain from using this style of writing.

Respect and enjoyment
Treat all chat users with respect. We want to offer our players a pleasurable environment with a good atmosphere. Please make sure that our chat rooms remain a place in which everyone feels at ease and to which you would also invite your friends.

Help fellow players if they have questions about Jass or the chat function.

Chat content
Any form of discrimination, pornographic or extremist content, illegal or unethical posts, links or attachments, as well as any other content relating to topics that are deemed offensive are strictly prohibited.

Irresponsible conduct
The encouragement of irresponsible, harmful, dangerous, illegal or ethically questionable behaviour is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated on the Jass platform.

Advertising and links
All forms of advertising, including for other websites, are prohibited.

As a player, you are responsible for your chat messages at all times. Swisslos assumes no liability for chat messages posted by chat users.