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Open a table

Click on “Open table” in the chosen Jass Room. A dialog box will open for setting up the game. You can set up a private (Differenzler only) or public table.

The only players who can play at your private tables are those you have invited.

All players except those you have blocked can play at your public tables.

The match starts automatically as soon as all the seats are occupied. In Differenzler, the players are allocated seats at the playing table at random. In Schieber and Coiffeur, seats at the table can be chosen.

Finding players

The Jass Lobby contains a continuously updated list of all the players who are logged in.

You can order and filter the list as you wish, define players as friends or block them, invite them to participate in a Jass round (click on “Invite”) or bring up information about the players concerned (“Information”).


Write a message in the field provided under the chat window and click on “Send”. You have now posted your message in Chat and all the participants can read it.

Please be aware that different players in the same match may have chosen French or German decks in their individual settings. This means you may find yourself talking about Roses during a chat, while other players are calling them Hearts, even in the same match.

The Chat function is deactivated during a Jass round.