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Jass Lobbies

On, you can choose to play Differenzler (hidden), Schieber or Coiffeur in the multiplayer or single player version. Differenzler can be played with or without placing a monetary stake.

Enter the Jass Lobby of your choice and simply select a game mode.

Each Jass type is available in a single player and a multiplayer version. In the single player version, you play against three computer opponents (Differenzler) or together with one computer player against two computer opponents (Schieber and Coiffeur).

When you play Differenzler, you can take part in Jass tournaments to win the tournament pot and possibly the jackpot as well. Your result and those of the other tournament players will be included in the tournament ranking.

The rankings are limited either by time or by a maximum number of entries. Tournament winnings are dependent on the total number of entries.

In the multiplayer version, you play against three other real players (Differenzler) or with one fellow player against an opposing team (Schieber and Coiffeur). You can open your own table, sit at a table or simply watch.

You can practise without placing a stake (Differenzler) or you can play for the table winnings by placing a stake. If you play Differenzler with stakes in the multiplayer version, the following two rules for determining entitlement to winnings will apply.

  1. If the computer has to step in for a player (temporarily or to the very end) during a match, that player loses any claim to winnings.
  2. However, if he alone achieves the best result of all the players in the match, all the players’ stakes are reimbursed.