There’s now an additional 50 x 1,000 francs to be won!

As of the first of February and for a short time only, there will be a special «Happy Day» edition with additional prizes.

If you are familiar with the «Happy Day» TV programme, you’ll also have seen the «Happymat» cash shower full of swirling 1,000-franc notes. For a short time only, the «Happy Day» instant tickets will also be bursting with 50 additional 1,000-franc prizes.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained - don’t miss out on this chance to win. The «Happy Day» instant ticket costs just CHF 10 from all Swisslos sales outlets.

By the way:

The «Happy Day» ticket makes someone one million francs richer during every show. Up to nine other ticket holders can win non-cash prizes up to a total value of 15,000 francs or try their luck in the «Happymat» cash shower.