An extra 20x 100 grammes of gold to be won now!

From 8 october, and for a limited time only, a special edition «Happy Day» will be putting additional prizes up for grabs.

«Happy Day» is giving autumn the golden touch, because with the «Happy Day» instant tickets in this special edition there are an extra 20x 100 grammes of gold to be won. This equates to a total value of over 100,000 francs.

Don’t miss out. The «Happy Day» instant ticket costs just CHF 10 from all Swisslos sales outlets.

By the way:

The «Happy Day» ticket makes someone one million francs richer during every show. In addition, up to nine other ticket holders can win non-cash prizes up to a total value of 15,000 francs or try their luck in the «Happymat» cash shower.

Enter our draw here and you could win one of 10 instant ticket packages, each of which contains 3 «Happy Day» tickets.