Live bets

Sporttip Live is an expansion of Sporttip’s betting offer and is aimed at customers who are looking for even bigger thrills and who want to bet on various events during a match.

The greatest advantage of Sporttip Live is that bets can be placed during a match – whether it is football, ice hockey, tennis, etc. – and practically around the clock. In the case of live bets, it should be noted that betting odds update constantly in line with what is happening in the match. Although odds therefore change continuously both upwards and downwards, you will be paid those odds given at the time you placed the bet. If the odds change at the point in time at which the bet is placed, the change in odds must be accepted first and the bet placed with the updated odds.

Otherwise, the entire betting process remains identical to the betting process for sports bets. The forms of bet and bet types that can be placed for Sporttip Live are the same as for sports bets, occasionally with sport-specific additions for bet types. These are explained in more detail in Forms of bet & Bet types and are marked with “[LIVE]”.

TIP: Sporttip currently offers live bets for the following types of sport:

Football, ice hockey, tennis, badminton, baseball, basketball, American football, handball, rugby, volleyball and beach volleyball.