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Coiffeur is a form of Schieber where the aim is not to achieve a specific score, but to play all trump options once in every match. This is why the recommendations given for Schieber also apply to Coiffeur.

The decisive factor with Coiffeur is to choose the best possible trump option at the right moment based on the cards received. The higher the multiplier for a given trump option, the better the cards you need to have in order to play this trump.

If you don't have a particularly strong hand, it is better to pass. However, there are sometimes cases where everyone in a round passes and the forehand is forced to nominate a trump. In such an instance, it is advisable not to play trump options with low multipliers (Hearts & Diamonds or Roses & Acorns) right at the start. But if you have a strong trump Heart or Rose, you can play this as a Joker and the match will be scored with a multiplier of 7 or 8. This allows you to keep the trump options with low multipliers in reserve for when things get tougher.