Rules of Jass

Introduction to Differenzler Jass rules

This page briefly explains the rules for Differenzler Jass.

Game sequence

At the beginning of every round, each player must predict the number of points he will achieve in that round. Declarations are “hidden”. Players know their own predictions only. The trump suit is randomly picked by the computer.

The difference between the number of points predicted and the actual number of points achieved is turned into difference points. The difference points from all the rounds of a match are added up for each player. The winner is the player with the lowest number of difference points over all the rounds of a match.

Rules of the game

In Differenzler Jass, there are clear rules on when a particular suit may be played. Players are obliged to follow suit.

  1. This means that anyone holding a card of the suit led must play this suit (with the exception of the trump Jack/trump Under).
  2. A player not holding a card of the suit led may play any card (playing a lower trump card is permitted in these circumstances).
  3. A trump may be played at any time instead of following suit.
  4. If a trump is led, the other players must also play trumps. Anyone holding the trump Jack/trump Under and no other trump card may play any other card instead of the trump Jack/trump Under.