Playing should be fun!

Addiction is unfortunately nothing new. Today we know that addiction exists not only in relation to a substance such as alcohol or tobacco, but also in relation to certain behaviours, such as shopping or gambling.

In Switzerland, only 0.5% of the population shows signs of a gambling addiction. Despite this very low level, this is a topic Swisslos takes very seriously, which explains its active commitment to the prevention of gambling addictions. Protecting young people is also a very important topic for Swisslos. For example, a minimum age of 18 years applies to all Swisslos products.

Play because it's fun! Games of chance are by no means a substitute for gainful employment.

But what can you do if you find yourself constantly thinking about placing bets or playing games? Swisslos works closely with specialists who can help addicts and their families. Because gambling addiction is not a personal failing: it is an illness that can be treated.

Answer the three questions and with a little luck you could win Reka checks worth 200 francs. Best of luck!

The closing date for taking part is 15.10.2023. The winners will be notified after the competition.