Triple Win

Triple Win

Don't miss out – a new Bingo game has just rolled in with «Triple Win»

And what's so special about «Triple Win»? It offers the best chance of winning a prize because everyone can enter a maximum of three cards into the game.

Who knows – maybe you will scoop the first Triple Win jackpot. A nice fat win is guaranteed, as the jackpot begins at a hefty 1,500 francs.

And so that as many players as possible win a prize, there is also the «1 to Bingo» extra chance to win with «Triple Win». If the full winning pattern was achieved, all players who just need one more number to complete the pattern also receive a prize.

To celebrate the new game, from 8-10 April 2022, every third game of «Triple Win» will win Bingo game credits worth 3.30 francs.

Another great reason to play a round of «Triple Win».

Have fun!

Game mechanism

The three winning patterns in the playing areas on a Bingo card spell the word W-I-N:

  • 1st prize: Bingo – all three letters complete.
  • 2nd prize: Any two letters complete.
  • 3rd prize: Any one letter complete.
  • 1 to Bingo: Everyone who is missing just one number for a full Bingo house wins.

Whoever completes the winning pattern W-I-N within 57 balls wins the jackpot of at least 1,500 francs.

A maximum of three cards can be purchased for each round. The price for one card is 3.30 francs.

The «Triple Win» playing times are daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.