Magic Monday 2020

Magic Monday 2020

Hate Mondays? You don't have to with us!

«Magic Monday» makes Mondays magical!

From 6 January, «Magic Monday» will be back, putting a little sparkle into the first Monday of every month by offering you a chance to win one of our magical extra prizes. On each «Magic Monday», we will be giving away 5 x 100-franc and 10 x 50-franc game credits for Bingo.

How does it work? Like magic: simply purchase a card for your favourite Bingo product and you will be automatically entered for the draw.

So hurry and seize your chance!

Are you fed up with boring Mondays? If so, liven them up by activating Bingo News in your game account so that we can remind you in good time about the next «Magic Monday».

Winners of «Magic Monday» are drawn and published on the following Tuesday.


Magic Monday November 2 November 2020

Leandro G. from B.

Ruth C. from E.

Graziella M. from L.

Iris K. from E.

Roland H. from F.

Gabriela u. Marcel R. from E.

Jakob B. from A.

Gerard M. from H.

Silvie K. from S.

Andreas M. from M.

Erwin T. from W.

Helene R. from M.

Alexander K. from Z.

Maria S. from M.

Adrian C. from S.

Magic Monday October: 3 October 2020

Stefan I. from H.

Yolanda P. from B.

Alberto M. from C.

Urs B. from K.

Brigitte S. from W.

Ursula H. from A.

Fritz F. from L.

Martin S. from B.

Renata E. from G.

Erwin H. from R.

Toni B. from S.

Margarit A. from E.

José Antonio V. from H.

Guido R. from T.

Matthias K. from W.

Magic Monday September: 7 September 2020

Imhof S. from H.

Polato Y. from B.

Musatti A. from C.

Blattner U. from K.

Stirnemann B. from W.

Häuptli U. from A.

Fehlmann F. from L.

Steindorfer M. from B.

Estermann R. from G.

Hofstetter E. from R.

Blättler T. from S.

Ambauen-Flück M. from E.

Vilariño J. from H.

Reiniger G. from T.

Käch M. from W.

Magic Monday August: 3 August 2020

Erika K. from O.

Pirmin G. from Z.

Thomas M. from U.

Eveline R. from G.

Paul S. from Z.

Patricia P. from K.

Thomas und Karin M. from S.

Erika R. from M.

Mirela S. from Z.

Davide B. from G.

Emil F. from L.

Hans Peter S. from A.

Jessica M. from P.

Claudia B. from L.

Heidi B. from B.

Magic Monday July: 6 July 2020

Nadin S. from W.

Peter S. from B.

Wolfgang Z. from W.

Manfred B. from B.

Evelyne B. from W.

Andreas H. from S.

Liss R. from W.

Rudolf B. from B.

Natale P. from B.

Roland O. und Maria G. from H.

Janine S. from S.

Edith B. from S.

Rohr J. from A.

Patrick H. from S.

Karl K. from G.

Magic Monday June: 1 June 2020

Marina T. from B.

Annelies T. from K.

Pascal W. from B.

Silvia W. from G.

Isabelle S. from B.

Rexhep N. from H.

Trudy Z. from B.

Ratnam S. from D.

Eleonora L. from G.

Rene L. from M.

Monika K. from I.

Josef S. from O.

Alvaro T. from H.

Sandra K. from T.

Ruth S. from K.

Magic Monday May: 4 May 2020

Nicole H. from B.

christina B. from S.

Ottilia Z. from B.

Jris P. from W.

Daniel M. from S.

Patricia M. from B.

Mario A. from C.

Ricardo L. from D.

Daniel M. from L.

Sara O. from A.

Willi M. from M.

Christina u. Gilbert C. from Z.

Marcus D. from G.

Reto W. from B.

Nelly S. from R.

Magic Monday April: 6 April 2020

Robert B. from B.

Katharina R. from B.

Raffaele C. from B.

Christoph F. from C.

Hans K. from M.

Sandro W. from Z.

Jan S. from K.

Ralf P. from D.

Arthur C. from G.

Michael B. from D.

Bernhard S. from U.

Stefano M. from P.

Guido K. from M.

nazzareno b. from B.

Christian B. from F.

Magic Monday March: 2 March 2020

Matthias W. from S.

Maureen H. from B.

Miryam F. from Z.

Sabrina W. from S.

Paul M. from O.

Miki J. from T.

Judith C. from Z.

Stefanie R. from O.

Agnes L. from S.

Marco T. from Z.

Catherine P. from W.

Pauline J. from M.

Abdelkarim H. from P.

Beatrice M. from B.

Silvia Maria D. from Z.

Magic Monday February: 3 February 2020

Sreejith S. from Z.

Susanne R. from S.

Sibylle W. from B.

Carlo G. from M.

Mauro R. from N.

Martin S. from R.

Markus M. from R.

Maristella S. from B.

Angelica S. from H.

wolfgang M. from N.

Hans Z. from R.

Alexander L. from L.

Aron B. from H.

Cyril D. from B.

Stephan W. from L.

Magic Monday January: 6 January 2020

Hermann K. from S.

Mario W. from D.

Andreas S. from A.

Thomas K. from O.

Jean-Louis R. from G.

Enea C. from C.

Luigi e Daniella C. from C.

Kevin F. from R.

Filippo B. from F.

Samuel B. from H.

Ursula R. from K.

Sanjin K. from B.

Fabio M. from M.

Martino P. from W.

Patrick K. from F.

Game Rules for the «Magic Monday 2020» promotion