Bingo has something very special to offer: Bingo «Special Days»!

Want to win up to 250 francs in Bingo game credit? Then look no further, because everyone who plays any Bingo card on a «Special Day» is automatically entered into the draw.

But be aware: Every «Special Day» is different. The motto will vary, as will the number of winners and the amount of Bingo game credit that can be won. And there is no advance notice: You won’t find out till the day itself that a «Special Day» is taking place. Which is yet another reason to subscribe to our Bingo newsletter. That way, you’re sure not to let any «Special Day» pass you by. Want to win up to 250 francs in Bingo game credit? Then look no further, because everyone who plays any Bingo card on a «Special Day» is automatically entered into the draw.

Dates to date

  • 31.12.2022: New Year’s Eve 50 x 100 francs
  • 23.12.2022: 20 x 100 francs and 50 x 50 francs
  • 6.12.2022 St. Nicholas Day: 100 x 50 francs
  • 30.10.2022 Autumn: 50 x 100 francs
  • 24.09.2022 German Space Day: 50 x 100 francs
  • 10.09.2022: 50 x 50 francs
  • 01.08.2022 1st August: 100 x 20 francs
  • 27.06.2022 National Bingo Day: 50 x 50 francs and 20 x 100 francs
  • 21.06.2022 Start of summer: 50 x 50 francs
  • 28.05.2022 World Match Day: 50 x 100 francs
  • 13.05.2022 Friday the 13th: 50 x 50 francs
  • 01.04.2022 1 April: 50 x 100 francs
  • 20.03.2022 World Day of Happiness: 15 x 50 francs and 25 x 20 francs
  • 01.03.2022 Pig Day: 50 x 50 francs and 20 x 20 francs
  • 14.02.2022 Valentine's Day: 20 x 250 francs

Game Rules for the «Special Days» promotion



50 x 100 francs in Bingo game credit

Mijo N. from E.

Luan M. from L.

Kurt P. from R.

René B. from N.

Giuseppe C. from W.

Pascale H. from L.

Delfin V. from O.

Nadia E. from M.

ralph s. from O.

Antonio C. from T.

Walter D. from C.

Pascal B. from D.

Livia C. from B.

Natale P. from B.

Rita P. from T.

Karin S. from H.

Christian S. from W.

Walter H. from D.

Ilir X. from S.

Olivera V. from B.

Nelly S. from R.

Andreas W. from W.

Urs B. from B.

Andreas B. from A.

Jürg N. from B.

Hubert M. from S.

Rita S. from K.

Daniel W. from D.

Dieter N. from S.

Martina S. from H.

Fidalgo S. from R.

Andreas F. from Z.

Luciano L. from M.

Sarah S. from G.

Elena M. from V.

Rebecca S. from H.

Karl B. from M.

Marco F. from B.

Heidi H. from F.

Heidi H. from B.

Trudi M. from B.

Ernst J. from S.

Erich S. from R.

Cornelia B. from O.

Nadja D. from B.

Bruno L. from B.

Karin S. from F.

André C. from W.

Nicola H. from F.

Maria W. from B.


20 x 100 francs in Bingo game credit

50 x 50 francs in Bingo game credit

Erika V. from A.

Christoph A. from G.

Ursi S. from G.

Heidi B. from B.

Marlen E. from W.

Christina S. from A.

Daniela B. from G.

Andreas W. from S.

Jovo K. from B.

Catherine P. from L.

Edwin B. from U.

Stefan R. from M.

Monika T. from F.

Nachita B. from B.

Monika H. from C.

Markus G. from H.

Eliane B. from F.

Susanne P. from S.

Marcel S. from K.

Willi B. from G.

Othmar u. Margareta G. from G.

Gerald H. from B.

Walter N. from A.

Helga K. from Z.

Ruth S. from B.

Sandra E. from S.

Marco M. from M.

Käthi V. from G.

Beatrice M. from P.

Doris M. from W.

Nuno Gabriel V. from C.

Bujar M. from O.

Rolf D. from T.

Florian F. from M.

Marc C. from W.

Benedek S. from Z.

Daniela K. from M.

Bruno S. from S.

Samuele L. from A.

Rolf S. from B.

Oliver W. from N.

Ljiljana D. from G.

Eveline K. from R.

Nicolas David André T. from Z.

Vitantonio Z. from P.

Hans B. from W.

Trudi M. from B.

Zabielski M. from R.

Bruno S. from S.

Rolf S. from O.

Semsedin D. from S.

Ruth W. from G.

Maria Teresa A. from A.

Marianne W. from G.

Fabio N. from R.

Anilcan s. from K.

Fabienne K. from P.

Patrik P. from O.

Andreas M. from J.

Maria M. from M.

Maurizio C. from G.

Martha B. from T.

Thomas K. from S.

Petra K. from R.

Tanya S. from H.

Kerstin M. from O.

Therese S. from T.

Thomas T. from G.

Erika H. from R.

Snjezana T. from O.


100 x 50 francs in Bingo game credit

Andreas U. from U.

Hanspeter H. from B.

Käthy M. from K.

Donatella P. from M.

Philipp T. from U.

Markus R. from A.

Eva F. from G.

Daniel M. from S.

Ronald K. from D.

Thomas K. from S.

Edwin B. from U.

Krummenacher B. from A.

Ersoy S. from N.

Karin D. from E.

Fritz K. from L.

Oliver B. from B.

Heinz M. from E.

Thomas L. from A.

Nicolas H. from B.

Erika M. from M.

Susi T. from S.

Valentino D. from B.

Jeannette R. from E.

Boris P. from W.

Therese L. from O.

José-Manuel A. from R.

Monika B. from E.

Sonja S. from A.

Petra S. from Z.

Kujtim M. from W.

Roger B. from G.

Bujar M. from O.

Markus T. from U.

Peter H. from R.

Lenka V. from S.

Jolanda H. from N.

Andreas G. from K.

Jan M. from M.

Fabio P. from L.

Volkan S. from H.

Anneliese J. from O.

Michelle M. from T.

Edin M. from O.

ALI E. from L.

Fatlinda G. from M.

Daniela K. from L.

Ursula Z. from S.

WERNER E. from B.

Rosanne M. from B.

Fredy S. from R.

albana m. from T.

Marianne H. from N.

Thiérry A. from A.

Walter G. from W.

Barbara K. from S.

Susanne G. from B.

Isabelle S. from B.

Hans K. from L.

Luana M. from C.

Hans Rudolf B. from W.

Katharina H. from K.

Marianne H. from T.

Peter G. from O.

MARC N. from N.

Aldo D. from L.

Branislav G. from S.

Anita M. from U.

Chantal M. from M.

Katja M. from H.

Jeremy G. from S.

Marina N. from H.

Kurt B. from B.

Ursula R. from M.

Stefan G. from W.

Erich S. from K.

Filipa T. from C.

Sandra S. from S.

Nadja F. from B.

Karin F. from Z.

Fabian B. from D.

Bernadette E. from R.

Bruno S. from G.

Peter L. from M.

Florian M. from S.

Elias G. from H.

Erna N. from N.

Sven B. from U.

Thomas B. from O.

Nicolas F. from B.

Madeleine T. from C.

Maya P. from M.

Michelle D. from A.

Ursula S. from R.

Claudio B. from C.

Anton B. from S.

Martina E. from Z.

Theo G. from G.

Dorde A. from C.

Markus W. from R.

Jris P. from W.


50 x 100 francs in Bingo game credit

Dina D. from P.

Edith E. from W.

Ursula S. from C.

Pasquale S. from B.

Britta F. from B.

Christine T. from H.

Klaus O. from P.

Alessandro C. from B.

Mahmoud G. from W.

Gisèle M. from E.

Theresia W. from V.

Monika S. from L.

hanspeter k. from R.

Luca B. from L.

Walter M. from Z.

Suzana S. from R.

Jasmin K. from J.

Hansueli B. from N.

Sabine B. from L.

Leopold Z. from M.

Marta S. from W.

Anastacio F. from F.

Urs Z. from S.

Suzanne K. from E.

Silvia D. from W.

Marta S. from L.

Fatima E. from K.

Stefan G. from L.

Ute M. from O.

Annamarie B. from C.

Hansrudolf Z. from S.

Ralf W. from A.

Claudia B. from N.

Edvania L. from T.

Rainer S. from D.

Susanne B. from G.

Beat K. from L.

Erika Anita S. from B.

Rolf R. from T.

Esther B. from Z.

Donatella Z. from O.

Victor M. from Z.

Ramona K. from W.

Aline B. from U.

Stefan S. from H.

Karin W. from B.

marco f. from R.

Adisa B. from R.

Joel P. from B.

Bruno R. from B.


50 x 100 francs in Bingo game credit

Matthias W. from A.

Beatrice Z. from H.

Salvatore T. from B.

Doris S. from B.

Johann Alois B. from R.

Nadine L. from S.

Gerhard C. from K.

Samanta S. from U.

Muslija Z. from R.

Claudia B. from B.

Nathalie L. from C.

Christine B. from U.

Sila T. from K.

Dario D. from A.

Hansulrich L. from R.

Elvana B. from W.

Ivano P. from B.

Dieter B. from T.

Maximilian S. from B.

Dolores S. from G.

Monika G. from W.

Pascale H. from O.

Fabian B. from D.

Esther L. from W.

Raymond L. from S.

Martin Z. from H.

Myriam K. from S.

Bea A. from G.

Rosanne M. from B.

Daniel S. from R.

Erich S. from R.

José P. from Z.

Martina P. from N.

Andreas B. from E.

Cornelia P. from L.

marcel k. from A.

Sascha A. from I.

Pirmin B. from W.

Marcin M. from W.

Marcel K. from R.

Franziska D. from D.

Thomas S. from R.

Nick L. from B.

Susanne M. from F.

Thomas S. from Z.

Barbara T. from D.

Domingos F. from C.

Filippo B. from F.

Margrit R. from B.

Daniela F. from K.


50 x 50 francs in Bingo game credit

Lilian P. from P.

Heidi G. from S.

Hansueli W. from B.

Hansruedi H. from D.

Hüseyin A. from A.

Rolf S. from B.

Martin S. from Z.

Martin Rolf S. from S.

Pascal E. from N.

Bernadette I. from H.

Theresia W. from V.

Martin H. from P.

René T. from W.

andre b. from R.

Monika G. from T.

Urs K. from D.

Max D. from A.

Noah B. from U.

René T. from A.

Servio A. from D.

Beatrice M. from K.

Noah P. from B.

Paolo P. from L.

Anita B. from R.

Werner R. from T.

Karin S. from R.

Tamara G. from S.

Andrea Davide G. from M.

Kristian M. from B.

Elisabeth L. from S.

Walter A. from Z.

Evelyne T. from M.

Barbara J. from Z.

Simon S. from Z.

Edith B. from Z.

Willy S. from N.

Selmir B. from M.

Laszlo G. from H.

Janine Myrta H. from B.

Sara M. from L.

Bernadette S. from B.

Shkelqim C. from W.

Patricia N. from G.

Susanne M. from F.

Cordelia F. from W.

Andre S. from K.

Bruno T. from R.

Nada K. from R.

Fabienne R. from G.

Gabi P. from D.

01.08.2022 1st August

100 x 20 francs in Bingo game credit

Yannick L. from H.

Bernhard H. from A.

Benjamin A. from H.

Josef W. from W.

Martin S. from B.

Heinz Oskar Manfred S. from B.

Fritz H. from B.

Doreen H. from B.

Gerhard H. from N.

Angela C. from B.

Pietro A. from A.

Jörg K. from A.

Richard H. from U.

Andreas G. from W.

Michael S. from K.

Suzana S. from R.

Sofia S. from B.

Steve Z. from R.

Marcel B. from B.

Anna M. from B.

Karin D. from I.

Rolf S. from B.

Ursula K. from A.

Hans S. from J.

Sonja F. from R.

Markus M. from S.

Cecilie B. from L.

Ivan B. from G.

Denise R. from S.

Edoardo O. from L.

Debora V. from W.

Monica L. from O.

Pascal M. from S.

Daniel A. from M.

Janine W. from B.

Ruedi G. from M.

Bernadette I. from H.

Charles-André W. from Z.

Shukri D. from Z.

Andreas G. from O.

Heidi B. from B.

Jeanette M. from T.

Jasmin S. from B.

Sonja V. from R.

Franco P. from G.

Hans L. from M.

Ruth H. from S.

Claudio C. from B.

Mario V. from A.

Mirko F. from W.

René H. from N.

Tobias G. from G.

Ernst W. from U.

Markus T. from U.

Leonia V. from N.

Fernanda R. from Z.

Christian B. from K.

Sandra W. from I.

Tessa J. from G.

Denis H. from A.

Maria Rosaria S. from S.

Hansruedi S. from K.

Micaela G. from H.

Pia M. R. from C.

Rudolf L. from M.

Tiago Jose A. from I.

Denis L. from D.

Pia W. from B.

Peter W. from B.

Janice S. from P.

Elisabetta R. from C.

Alide I. from D.

Monika B. from F.

Daniel R. from P.

René N. from S.

Daniel W. from W.

Ursula R. from M.

Marc B. from O.

Gisela F. from S.

Hanspeter G. from F.

Roger B. from D.

Gelal A. from K.

Simone M. from C.

Erich R. from R.

Belkis J. from L.

Sandro M. from Z.

Beatrix S. from M.

Adelheid B. from M.

Katharina W. from F.

Maya P. from M.

Josef W. from G.

Daniel S. from A.

Urban E. from L.

Heinrich N. from E.

Adrian H. from N.

Karin I. from R.

Myriam S. from C.

Valentina M. from W.

Fernando P. from B.

Markus A. from C.

27.06.2022 National Bingo Day

50 x 50 francs and 20 x 100 francs in Bingo game credit

Josef V. from T.

Christian S. from S.

Margrit A. from E.

Gabriela K. from B.

Hans M. from E.

Martina D. from S.

René M. from M.

Rolf S. from A.

Ronny Z. from D.

Sascha G. from D.

Urs H. from O.

Otto H. from K.

Sven B. from B.

Markus K. from O.

Jurica J. from E.

Stefan L. from J.

Elena M. from V.

Uwe K. from W.

Heinz W. from B.

Margrit H. from F.

Marie-Claire H. from B.

Angela K. from B.

Louis B. from S.

Roberto U. from L.

Igor M. from S.

Ursula S. from K.

Mario D. from S.

Claudia R. from A.

Jolanda F. from L.

Rosmarie S. from E.

Sandra P. from B.

Egidio P. from O.

Liliane P. from B.

Verena A. from L.

Maurice S. from G.

Michele M. from B.

Peter S. from H.

angioletti m. from A.

Ulrich R. from S.

Hansueli W. from B.

Max S. from S.

Sibyl W. from O.

Anna Maria G. from A.

Rolf W. from K.

Brigitte S. from B.

Renata M. from K.

Sandra W. from P.

Gürkan Ü. from R.

Adrian H. from H.

Marlen R. from R.

Elsbeth R. from T.

Martin B. from U.

Cornel K. from S.

Philipp M. from B.

yannick b. from A.

Salim K. from I.

Tobias B. from H.

Stefan B. from B.

Marina K. from D.

Roman B. from A.

Severin B. from A.

Hans Jakob T. from M.

Inge S. from D.

Evelyne F. from B.

Senay A. from L.

Regula F. from B.

khellil T. from R.

Verena M. from R.

Federico B. from G.

Claudia K. from B.

21.06.2022 Start of summer

50 x 50 francs in Bingo game credit

Vladan P. from B.

Fabian B. from T.

Andreas W. from S.

Marlise R. from L.

Stephan G. from E.

Renate A. from U.

René M. from M.

Vasmijan K. from B.

Katrin B. from E.

Nathalie M. from M.

Markus R. from L.

Vahida V. from S.

Barbara Ruth G. from D.

Filippo B. from F.

Maurizio C. from G.

Petr P. from B.

Vecchio P. from M.

Michael P. from B.

Ingrid B. from Z.

Max L. from U.

Eliana D. from D.

Hardy B. from S.

Marc F. from A.

Bettina L. from S.

Eliana F. from P.

Angelo S. from H.

Anita G. from G.

Daris S. from W.

Myriam S. from C.

Carmelo D. from O.

Mary Anne B. from B.

Alexandra M. from D.

Franz B. from L.

Karin G. from M.

Mladenka P. from K.

Sylvie B. from O.

Claudia D. from S.

Erika Anita S. from B.

Ilaria C. from S.

Jutta Helga K. from L.

Fabian Z. from M.

Mattia L. from W.

Daniel M. from O.

Susanne M. from F.

Michel B. from H.

Peter H. from H.

Michele F. from Z.

Roger F. from P.

Hans W. from M.

Pompilio M. from S.

28.05.2022 World Play Day

50 x 100 francs in Bingo game credit

Rosi H. from S.

Stefan D. from L.

Adithya B. from B.

Claudia M. from T.

Renate H. from H.

Marcel S. from V.

Stefano und Renate R. from R.

Adelheid B. from W.

Peter F. from S.

Katja B. from Z.

Rao O. from W.

Ludwig L. from W.

Annemarie B. from M.

Tanja A. from K.

Michael H. from R.

Angela W. from B.

Alessandro V. from S.

Sladan C. from A.

Irene K. from E.

Daniel M. from S.

Therese C. from Z.

Cornelia H. from H.

Cornelia L. from B.

Heinz R. from B.

Beat B. from C.

Brigitta S. from G.

Michel T. from W.

Daniel M. from O.

Berta B. from D.

Doris S. from B.

Francisco C. from K.

Antonio A. from E.

Karen B. from P.

Susannah K. from W.

Stefan M. from O.

Werner H. from W.

Andreas S. from Z.

Maria Eduarda Carvalho R. from K.

Petra F. from W.

Klaus M. from K.

Rolf S. from T.

René C. from A.

jenni s. from B.

Ivana V. from M.

Stefan H. from A.

Robert T. from E.

Marlise F. from W.

Rade B. from B.

Renata H. from Z.

Lucia und Mijo N. from E.

13.05.2022 Friday the 13th

50 x 50 francs in Bingo game credit

Brigitte M. from T.

Nicole K. from A.

Sascha L. from Z.

Tharshanaa T. from P.

Esther R. from B.

Mirjam B. from E.

Fritz F. from L.

Renate M. from R.

Marianne H. from G.

Argeo e Luciana P. from B.

Stefan B. from R.

Hanspeter H. from B.

Max D. from A.

Simon B. from K.

Richard K. from M.

Andreas G. from Z.

Patrick K. from M.

Urs Z. from S.

Ruth W. from R.

Ruth E. from W.

Suzanne S. from A.

Samuel S. from B.

Herbert G. from H.

Manuela G. from S.

Hanspeter K. from A.

Anita B. from M.

Giuseppe M. from B.

Katharina R. from T.

Maria Antonietta B. from T.

René H. from N.

René B. from A.

Chantal H. from K.

Kurt M. from R.

Christiane L. from S.

Francesco F. from W.

Annette R. from B.

Ramona F. from G.

Giuseppe I. from B.

Sonja F. from M.

Alfred G. from O.

Brigitte Z. from W.

Andreas G. from S.

Lars Z. from T.

Martin S. from Z.

Zeno C. from D.

Heidi B. from B.

Silvia B. from O.

Sabrina F. from M.

Ursi S. from G.

Rolf C. from C.

01.04.2022 All Fools Day

50 x 100 francs in Bingo game credit

Hansjörg G. from Z.

Stefan H. from A.

Antonio P. from P.

Nisha R. from W.

Franziska W. from T.

Martin F. from S.

Harold S. from H.

Fabio R. from I.

Candan A. from Z.

Tanja A. from S.

André Z. from E.

Thomas H. from W.

Myriam L. from L.

Roland S. from G.

Alfred S. from O.

Maria Roxana R. from S.

Philippe M. from R.

Bruno S. from Z.

Joana S. from S.

Markus B. from E.

Hans-Ulrich F. from B.

Sandra G. from S.

Markus T. from K.

Remo W. from F.

Jörg F. from Z.

Rudolf B. from R.

Ruedi C. from R.

marcel b. from B.

Romana R. from S.

Telma E. from C.

Manfred H. from E.

Miriam M. from W.

Marlis D. from Z.

Andrea J. from G.

Adrian Peter T. from M.

Stephan E. from S.

Werner L. from B.

hugo l. from E.

Claudia T. from Z.

Anita H. from B.

Peter G. from T.

Justine K. from E.

Andreas G. from K.

Peter K. from R.

Andreas D. from T.

Martin Z. from D.

Sonja u. Werner W. from W.

Jean-Claude E. from S.

Oliver K. from O.

Flavia D. from B.

20.03.2022 International Day of Happiness

15 x 50 francs and 25 x 20 francs in Bingo game credit

Erika V. from A.

Markus R. from S.

Manuela H. from A.

Daniel H. from O.

Tony u. Vreni B. from S.

Roman B. from R.

Flavio P. from G.

Anja Domenica S. from B.

Keller M. from L.

Kurt M. from A.

Fabiano A. from T.

Bigna K. from W.

Spyridon K. from Z.

Barbara P. from Z.

Barbara W. from G.

Dario H. from W.

Martin S. from W.

Trudi H. from B.

Gisel R. from G.

Donato C. from S.

Passika B. from B.

André S. from A.

Fredy S. from R.

Joachim L. from E.

Ekaterina B. from H.

Monika T. from R.

Leo Spuler-Scherer S. from W.

Pascal M. from W.

Remo M. from P.

Hedy T. from W.

Sascha R. from S.

Tamas Csongor B. from Z.

Margit S. from A.

Sandro P. from K.

Lukas R. from A.

Susi W. from A.

Maruska G. from L.

Giuseppe I. from B.

Andrea F. from K.

Yvonne B. from B.

01.03.2022 World Pig Day

50 x 50 francs and 20 x 20 francs in Bingo game credit

Ueli B. from E.

Matthias H. from A.

Irene S. from D.

Isabel S. from R.

Margot A. from K.

Gabrielle L. from S.

Laura V. from C.

Claudia R. from U.

Jeannette T. from C.

Verena D. from R.

Ernst F. from B.

Roger L. from G.

Alex M. from U.

Sabine M. from C.

thomas b. from S.

Nicoletta C. from E.

Martin v. from D.

Ellen S. from S.

Shpejtim A. from O.

Domenico M. from A.

Bernard P. P. from L.

Rico H. from Z.

Monique D. from B.

Berta M. from E.

Michel H. from G.

Markus N. from S.

Erica W. from Z.

Alvin K. from H.

Ernst M. from Z.

Joel R. from S.

Sara V. from B.

Rafael M. from A.

Jolanda C. from B.

Inguna B. from A.

Leonardo S. from B.

Anne-Marie M. from S.

Lilo S. from R.

Barbara A. from S.

Martinovic P. from B.

Gerhard B. from B.

Claudia A. from L.

Clarissa S. from Z.

Serdar O. from F.

Melanie B. from B.

Peter M. from W.

Olivera V. from B.

Norbert S. from W.

Claudio C. from R.

Tamara W. from O.

Dora N. from O.

Hans N. from A.

Daniel L. from R.

Maria G. from D.

Refik E. from S.

leonia v. from N.

Annelies T. from K.

Andreas K. from S.

Rudolf Z. from B.

Alessia H. from B.

Susanne H. from Z.

regula k. from N.

Nadia D. from T.

Josef V. from T.

Anne-Marie B. from L.

Heidi R. from G.

Francesco D. from G.

Maria D. from K.

Raymond S. from N.

Margrith M. from D.

Eliane K. from S.

14.02.2022 Valentine's day

20 x 250 francs in Bingo game credit

Marc H. from E.

Sabrina A. from B.

Ottilia Z. from B.

Tamara W. from O.

Stefania G. from L.

Romy G. from W.

Maurice N. from R.

Edoardo C. from Z.

Cornelia S. from M.

Otto B. from M.

Catherine P. from W.

Silvia Z. from N.

Peter S. from I.

Monica r. from G.

Bernadette S. from A.

Serge G. from G.

Isabel c. from S.

Zarrin Anna G. from G.

Regula D. from T.

Sandra M. from T.