Bingo Advent

Bingo Advent

Bingo Advent draw

Starting 28 November, there are four little gifts from Bingo to be won. Because on each Advent Sunday, there will be a competition draw for 5 x 100 francs and 10 x 50 francs in game credits for Bingo.

Taking part couldn’t be simpler: buy a card for your favourite Bingo game and that’s it – you’re entered in the draw.

So hurry and seize your chance!

Game Rules for the «Bingo Advent» promotion

Winners of «Bingo Advent» are drawn and published on the following Monday


Bingo Advent December 19.12.2021

Verena D. from R.

Daniel M. from I.

Rolf und Brigitte A. from G.

Jolanda A. from S.

Sanchez J. from R.

jonas Z. from R.

Walter M. from D.

Giovanni C. from O.

Narmatha S. from S.

Josef V. from T.

Natan G. from B.

Werner W. from H.

Christoph O. from H.

Erkan G. from Z.

Rosaria V. from M.

Bingo Advent December 12.12.2021

Markus H. from B.

René B. from L.

Rolf und Brigitte A. from G.

Luis und Denise P. from T.

Sabrina W. from S.

Oliver V. from B.

Nevis G. from M.

Angelina M. from B.

Raphael S. from O.

peter e. from K.

Paul und Susanna M. from W.

Hans-Ulrich W. from E.

Theresa L. from Z.

Sabine M. from C.

Agatha F. from A.

Bingo Advent December 05.12.2021

Peter S. from H.

Katharina K. from L.

Marianne G. from V.

Denise B. from O.

Peter S. from B.

Verena B. from L.

Hans-Peter und Mirjam A. from M.

Adelheid B. from W.

Claudia C. from O.

Erich S. from H.

Sonja B. from W.

Ibrahima M. from C.

Christian G. from C.

Pascal S. from R.

Erwin F. from O.

Bingo Advent November 28.11.2021

Stéphanie S. from S.

Andrea B. from D.

Anna B. from C.

Reto H. from G.

Beat P. from G.

Raul L. from B.

Kurt M. from H.

Simone M. from U.

Patrick J. from A.

Paul Z. from O.

Annelis T. from B.

Olga M. from B.

Oliver H. from K.

Daniel G. from H.

Erwin F. from O.