7 years of Bingo – Let's Celebrate

7 years of Bingo – Let's Celebrate

A 5-day party for Bingo!

Bingo is seven years old, and you can cash in!

The first Swisslos Bingo ball rolled across the screen on 27 April 2011. What better reason to celebrate! To mark the occasion, you can play the unique anniversary Bingo «Super Lucky 7» until 1 May 2018 and win additional prizes every day.

5 days of celebrations for Bingo

  • Brand-new Bingo
    For a short time only, you can play the brand-new «Super Lucky 7» Bingo. The jackpot is guaranteed to be distributed during the last draw on 1 May 2018 shortly after 8.45 p.m.
  • Win 7 additional prizes every day
    There are twice as many reasons to enter. Every day, 7 additional prizes will be given away among all players of «Super Lucky 7».
  • Take part in quizzes and win
    On top of that, every day there are 7 game credits for Bingo worth up to CHF 77 to be claimed in our chat quizzes.

To the winners

Rules 7 years Bingo

7 extra prizes to be won every day

1 × CHF 1000 Shopping voucher from Coop

6 × CHF 100 game credits for Bingo

What do beans have to do with modern Bingo?

In 1929, American Edwin Lowe was at a funfair in Georgia, observing a group of Spanish players who would cover drawn numbers with beans and call "Beano" if they won. When Edwin Lowe held his first Beano rounds in New York, a winner called out "Bingo" in the heat of the moment and this is how the unique game of BINGO got its name!