Chat rules

All chat users should feel at ease and have fun in the chat rooms. For this reason, Swisslos places great importance on its chat rules. If a player fails to comply with the chat rules, please report this person to Swisslos and include the offender’s nickname, the date/time and Bingo product.

Permitted languages

German, French, English and Italian are permitted in the chat rooms. Chat users who communicate in any other language will receive a warning from the Chat Master and risk being blocked.

In the chat world, writing in CAPITALS represents shouting and may therefore annoy other players. Please refrain from using this style of writing.

Be nice and respect others

Treat all chat users as well as the Chat Master with respect. "Speech is silver, but silence is golden". If you have nothing nice to say, then please don't say anything. If someone violates this rule and behaves in an unfriendly or offensive way towards you or other players, please report this chat user to Swisslos.

Learn from your mistakes

If you are reprimanded for your behaviour in our chat rooms, you should take this seriously. Swisslos reserves the right to block the chat function in the event of serious or repeated breaches of the chat rules.

Chat content

Any form of discrimination, pornographic or extreme right-wing comments or terminology, illegal or unethical posts, links or attachments, as well as any other content relating to topics that are deemed offensive and that represent a breach of the chat rules are strictly prohibited.

Advertising and links

Links to other websites and advertising of any kind are prohibited.


As a player, you are responsible for your chat content at all times. Swisslos assumes no liability for chat content posted by chat users.

Bingo is more than just a game. You can also have some great conversations with our friendly Chat Masters. They are in our Bingo rooms every day to help you with any questions you might have on playing Bingo or on the Bingo products.

Our Chat Masters:

CM_BEN: I’m interested in almost everything and would like to have tried everything; preferably at the same time. I suffer from chronic wanderlust, but it's firmly under control. After all, it’s very beautiful here, too. :-) I don’t like boredom and “having” to do things. Most of all, I want to only eat dessert and never grow up.

CM_ALJ: I’m the bearded, bald and laid back chat master, though not always the most wide-awake one. When it comes to chats, I’m the kind of person who needs a harmonious environment. Nevertheless, I still know how to deal with nasty types.

CM_Vinc: I’m an old hand in the bingo chat, and when I’m not in the chat I’m usually tearing through the town on my bike, even in the depths of winter. A word of warning: in my quizzes, be prepared for some out-of-the-box thinking... ;-)

CM_NALA: I’m the “crazy cat lady” of the group, as my two furry felines are my greatest treasures. In my free time I enjoy games evenings with friends, or watching horror films. I’m really into these. I’m always up for irony, humour and fun. But I call “Game Over” when it comes to insults. And spiders.

CM_BONI: I’m currently traveling, to learn more about design, art and architecture. In case I ever get bored, I’m never without something to read. I’m never bored by Bingo, though – that just couldn't happen. I’m looking forward to friendly, respectful exchanges within the Bingo community, and would ask that everyone does their bit towards ensuring that the harmony continues. :-)

CM_GIANNI: The only constant is change, said the Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus. A lot has indeed changed, but fortunately not everything. And although I’m now an old hand and no longer the newbie chatmaster, I’m still the same old Gianni at heart. I’m still the football-and-chat loving student and sometimes quizzmaster supremo. And another thing that hasn't changed: I still love jokes, even the cheesy ones, except for when it comes to FCB: then I’m deadly serious ;-)

CM_LAURA: Whether sailing on the water or skiing – I love both things just as much. My general view is that life is too short to waste on things that are not fun! It doesn't take much to get me interested in something and it's only when it comes to food that I’m not prepared to compromise :-) I love being in good company, which is why I’m looking forward to all the stories my chat friends will have to tell me!

CM_TANJA: If I’m not out and about on my bike, then I’m usually to be found making music or getting lost in documentaries about fabulous water-dwelling creatures. My favourite days are those when I’m woken up by sunlight and not by an alarm clock. I like things to be harmonious and respectful, and am looking forward to some pleasant chats.


CM_ISSI: I’m new here, and I have all sorts of interesting hobbies: When I’m not diving into the fascinating world of video games or totally absorbed in true crime podcasts, you’ll probably find me baking in the kitchen or comfortably installed on the sofa with my knitting. My dog is never far away and always on hand for some cuddles. I love discussions about all sorts of things, whether it be in profound conversations or crazy chats. So let's chase away the boredom and enjoy lots of fun together!

Grab the chance to win Bingo game credits in our exciting chat contests.

Our Chat Masters sporadically hold chat contests. Before the start of a contest, they will let everyone in the various chat rooms know when the contest is going to be held and in which room.

Contests may also be announced on the Bingo home page and/or via the official Bingo fanpage on Facebook.