If you run a catering establishment

Subito is geared especially to the catering trade and will bring some extra excitement and life to your eatery or bar. Your guests will happily stay longer and consume more.

Leerer Subito Spielschein. Bulletin Subito non rempli. Schedina Subito vuota.

Subito will drive up your sales

You profit threefold thanks to:

  1. commission income
  2. playing guests consuming more
  3. more customers, translating into additional sales

Nahaufnahme eines Subito Spielscheine im Spielscheinständer. Gros plan sur un bulletin Subito dans un présentoir. Primo piano di una schedina Subito nell'espositore schedine.

The Swisslos range

Open a Subito sales outlet and you will automatically also be selling the other Swisslos products, such as Swiss Lotto, EuroMillions, sports bets and instant tickets. With Swisslos products, you can set yourself apart from the competition.

And you might even be the only sales outlet in the village where Lotto slips can be handed in.

Swisslos – A win for you, your sales and your guests!


Do you run a catering establishment and are you interested in Subito and the other Swisslos products? Then call us on 0848 877 855. We'll be pleased to meet you in person and look at the opportunities and possibilities open to you.