Gift ideas using Swisslos scratch cards

Are you still looking for that perfect gift to bring someone a little joy?

If so, Swisslos scratch cards are just the ticket. Here you will find instructions for a few different ways to craft your own personal gift.

Scratch card pinwheel

Difficulty level: 4 / 6

Time: approx. 30 minutes

A table bomb with a difference

Difficulty level: 1 / 6

Time: approx. 10 minutes plus time for decorating

If scratch cards could fly like butterflies

Difficulty level: 3 / 6

Time: approx. 20 minutes

The surprise box

Difficulty level: 2 / 6

Time: approx. 15 minutes

A bouquet made from instant tickets

Difficulty level: 4 / 6

Time: approx. 40 minutes

- It’s important to ensure that you do not damage the scratch-off coating (don't put any staples or sticky tape on the scratch-off coating).

- To make sure the instant ticket isn't damaged by sticky tape or that you don't end up with sticky residue on the ticket, you could even wrap it in cellophane.

- Before folding, place the instant ticket rear side down over the edge of a table. This will make it easier to fold.