A bouquet made from instant tickets

To make the instant ticket bouquet shown here, we used the following materials:

  • Stapler
  • Cellophane
  • 2 serviettes (paper serviettes with a fabric feel are best)
  • Gift ribbons
  • Sticky tape
  • Wire
  • 3 Crossword instant tickets
  • 3 Win for Life instant tickets

Time: approx. 45 minutes

Difficulty level: 4 / 6

Here’s how to make it:

Step 1

To start, prepare 7 decorations using the ribbon and cellophane. Place a narrow piece of cellophane and a piece of ribbon across the middle of a 40 cm-long piece of wire. Then fold the wire in the middle and twist the two halves of wire together. This fixes the ribbon and cellophane in place. You can also cut the ribbon into narrower pieces, so it looks as though there is more of it.

Step 2

Use one of the decorations from step 1 to make the bouquet's flower. Cut one of the serviettes into 4 pieces of equal length and round off the short edges so that they resemble a petal. You can then push the wire with the decoration through the middle of the serviettes and arrange the individual petals.

Step 3

On each of the instant tickets, mark the halfway point of the long side with a crease. Then curl the ticket into a funnel shape (with the rear on the outside; the marking shows where the tip of the funnel is). To ensure the tickets stay in a funnel shape, you can use tape on the outside to stick the overlapping ends together. Do this with all 6 instant tickets.

Step 4

Now arrange all of the folded and fixed instant tickets into a circle with the tip in the middle, and staple the tickets together at the upper point where they meet. Take care not to damage the scratch-off coating.

Step 5

For each folded ticket, you can now push one of the remaining decorations through the middle.

Step 6

Place the prepared flower in the centre of the instant tickets and twist all of the wires together at the back. The tickets and the flower are now fastened together and will remain stable.

Step 7

Now cut the second serviette into a circle or, as in this example, a circle with a wavy edge. Make a hole in the centre.

Step 8

Now push the flower with the tickets through the hole in the serviette.

You’ve done it!