Hooray! 25 new Lotto millionaires in 2017

Nothing has changed. No one makes more millionaires than Swiss Lotto. Last year again, an-other 25 lucky players pocketed prizes into the millions, with winners distributed across Switzerland, from west to east and from north to south. The highest prize of over 37 million Swiss francs was won on May 20 in the Bern/Solothurn region. May was indeed a merry month for winnings, with a full 5 of the 25 prizes in the millions won in the same month. The second- and third-highest prizes of the year both went to French-speaking Switzerland.

It all started on 10 January 1970, when Swiss Lotto’s first winning numbers were drawn. At the beginning, Swiss Lotto had no jackpot, meaning there were no Lotto millionaires. The first-ever Lotto millionaire was crowned shortly after the introduction of the jackpot rule on 28 April 1979. Since then, 725 other lucky winners have become Lotto millionaires. The largest Lotto prize of 48,598,075.75 francs was won on 23 August 2014. 2007 saw the highest-ever number of Lotto millionaires – a full 31!

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