Swisslos goes English

Is English your preferred language? Would you like information about Swisslos in English? If so, we’re pleased to announce that the Swisslos website is now also available in English.

If you already have a game account and would like to change the language to English, the instructions below will show you what to do.

Want to change to English? We’ll show you how

1) Please log in first.

2) Now click on "Account" in the top right.

3) When the account is open, you can edit your "Profile" under "My settings". Among other things, you can change your preferred language here.

4) You will see your language settings on the right-hand side of your "Profile". Select the language you prefer and don't forget to click on "Save" afterwards.

What’s changed?

Apart from the language, nothing! You will continue to receive all of the notifications and e-mails that you’ve activated in your account.