Every Swisslos customer automatically supports Swiss sport

Not everyone hits the jackpot when they play Lotto, an instant ticket or place a bet. So what happens to the net profit earned by Swisslos?

In 2023 Swissslos transferred around 511 million Swiss francs to charitable projects and institutions, not only in the world of sport, but in cultural, social and environmental areas, too.

Part of this money is channelled directly to national sports via the Stiftung "Sportförderung Schweiz". Namely, to Swiss Olympic, the Swiss Football Association, the Swiss Football League, the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation and the “Schweizer Sporthilfe” foundation. Swiss Olympic uses these funds in training top athletes as well as up-and-coming talents. The money is also used to train sportspeople and coaches. The other organizations listed likewise use the contributions received primarily in training top athletes and the sports champions of tomorrow.

The 20 cantonal sports funds in German-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino use the Swisslos funds in their cantons mainly for the purposes of popular sports and related infrastructure. This means that thousands of groups and associations can ensure people keep active, get together and have fun with sport.

Swisslos will continue its work on attractive, socially responsible lottery products so that the generations of tomorrow can benefit from sporting activities.