Win for Life – the unique instant ticket

With Win for Life you don't win just once – you win CHF 4,000 every month for 20 years! Would you like to make a dream holiday a reality, invest in your hobby or just enjoy a more carefree life? Anything is possible with Win for Life.

The Win for Life scratch card costs just CHF 5 and is easy to play. Simply scratch off your numbers, and if you reveal the word “WIN” three times you've won the extraordinary main prize – CHF 4,000 every month for 20 years! Aside from the main prize you can also win many other attractive sums of money – it’s possible to win up to 5 prizes on each instant ticket. Scratch your way to happiness with Win for Life.

You can buy the Win for Life instant ticket from almost every Swisslos sales outlet.

There are already 126 Win for Life winners. Are you next?