Millionenlos 2020
Just 2 days left till play begins!

Millionenlos is searching for 24 new millionaires for the last time!

After 21 years Millionenlos is bowing out, but before it does, it will add its usual thrills, fun and excitement to the Advent period.

Your chances of winning a million (1:33,333) are better than anywhere else! But the best bit is: every instant ticket is a winner. So get your Millionenlos from your local outlet now.

Game starts: 1 December 2020

Your chances of winning: Up to one million Swiss francs every day (1–24 December)

Sales price: Fr. 100.–

Buy a Millionenlos – get a gift!

When you buy a Millionenlos from various outlets in Switzerland between 26 November and 5 December 2020, you benefit from attractive prizes.

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