«Happy Day» FAQ

Drei Happy Day Lose in einer Hand. Trois billets Happy Day dans une main. Tre biglietti Happy Day in una mano.

Questions about the show

How can I win the million franc prize in the «Happy Day» show?

Instant tickets with the «Happy Day» winning print entitle you to participate once in the bonus draw during the «Happy Day» TV show. Complete this instant ticket coupon and send it to the address stated on the ticket.

What is the run of play?

The last winner of each «Happy Day» Million draws 10 tickets during the live show (plus 10 reserve tickets in case someone can't be reached by phone), giving them the chance to participate in the million franc draw. As soon as all ten candidates have been reached by phone, one millionaire is drawn at random by the random generator. The remaining 9 candidates get the chance to play for a non-cash prize or entry to the cash shower («Happymat») in the next show.

If I'm not at home on the day of the show, can I still apply?

Yes, you or someone representing you simply have to be contactable by phone on the day of the show.

Where can I apply to have a dream fulfilled by «Happy Day»?

Questions and applications sent to the «Happy Day» show are received by SRF. Click here to apply for the show.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the «Happy Day» instant ticket in particular, you can contact Swisslos directly by e-mail, telephone or post.

Questions on the instant ticket

What can I win?

Prizes of CHF 10 to CHF 250,000 are printed directly on the instant tickets. During the «Happy Day» show, a further CHF 1 million is given away along with other non-cash and cash prizes.

When is the last date for postal submissions if I want to participate in the show?

On the Monday before the show. If you send the ticket coupon in after this time, it will be automatically entered for the next show.